Jason Monte

Senior Account Executive


Jason joined the team full-time as an account executive in 2010 immediately after graduating from Eastern University, and has kept a steady hand on Brolik’s project management and client relationships ever since. Jason works on a daily basis to ensure that each project is a success by aligning the planning, scheduling, execution, and communication with the client’s needs and goals.

Jason prides himself on providing a strategic perspective to cultivating strong relationships with clients, focusing on the nuance and underlying dynamic of each communication. He writes about this topic frequently for the Brolik blog and other online publications, using his daily interactions to illustrate deeper truths about human communication and relationships.

Before joining Brolik, Jason founded Top Notch Auto Detail, a retail-based, high-end car detailing business. A true team player, Jason has also played on competitive soccer teams for his whole life, and often takes his ideas of teamwork from years of playing competitive soccer and translates them to Brolik’s team. Jason also loves to run, recently completing a full marathon before proposing to his wife immediately after crossing the finish line.

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