Kaitlyn McLaughlin

Front-End Developer


As Brolik’s front-end developer, Kaitlyn is responsible for coding the wishes of our clients, designers, and strategists into reality. Using a mix of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Twig, and Craft CMS, she creates the platforms our clients depend on for content management and user experience. Kaitlyn is passionate about finding creative solutions to problems, and possesses grit when faced with technical challenges.

Prior to Brolik, Kaitlyn worked at Comcast as a junior developer on the quality engineering team, where she built applications using Node.js, Python, and React. She also developed automation tools using big data platforms such as Apache Kafka and Presto Analytics. She keeps her skills fresh with personal coding projects and regular meetups at Reactadelphia.

Before pivoting to a technical career with the help of UPenn’s accelerated coding program, Kaitlyn pursued a career in writing. Following her completion of a BA in Creative Writing at Eastern University, she worked as a content writer, and furthered her education by pursuing an MFA in Poetry from Rosemont College. Her work has been published in Adanna Literary Journal.

Kaitlyn’s diverse background lends her a unique perspective when it comes to building websites that are concise, scalable, and fresh. When Kaitlyn’s not working you can find her writing code at her favorite coffee shop, attending a synth show, or chillin with her four-legged niece Ella, a mini dachshund. Oh and, don’t try to mess with her skincare routine — she will cut you.

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